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RUMOR - Scribblenauts Unlimited sent to stores in Europe, recalled

You know how Scribblenauts Unlimited has been delayed yet again in Europe? Rumor has it, from a trusted inside source, that the game was actually shipped to retailers. Both the 3DS and Wii U versions had bugs/fixes so important that Nintendo asked retailers to yank the game before it was on sale. Those copies are now on their way back to Nintendo.

Man, imagine if you could get your hands on one of those 'defective' copies!

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User avatar
05 Feb 2013 16:29

Hopefully this game does not become like Half-Life on the Dreamcast.
Supposedly on sale briefly (half an hour), never to be seen again.
User avatar
05 Feb 2013 17:11

That must of been some bug to pull it at the last minute like that.
User avatar
05 Feb 2013 18:05

Well, I will know in 1-2 days because my copy is already shipped from store here in Norway..
User avatar
05 Feb 2013 18:09

Use of the word "spastic". Calling it now.
No Avatar
05 Feb 2013 19:31

Seems something like "Super Smash Bros Brawl" exploit "bug" <_<

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