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Wii Street U now available in Japan

Wii Street U application is now available in Japan. The software is completely free to download for a limited time and the download itself takes up rough 90MB.

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06 Feb 2013 21:43

Just out of curiosity since I missed the details of the original announcement, is this the finished version of Wii U Panorama View?
User avatar
06 Feb 2013 21:51

Nope, that is different application. :)
User avatar
06 Feb 2013 22:10

I wonder if a possible North American release tomorrow is what IGN finds "interesting."
User avatar
06 Feb 2013 22:11


m not sure if this will even come to NA. I could be wrong, but it just seems like something an American audience wouldn't care much about.
User avatar
06 Feb 2013 22:16

This has been announced for North America, though it has a vague first quarter of 2013 release.
User avatar
06 Feb 2013 22:30

Thanks. It looks interting. Hopefully, it won't be target of "F*** THIS SH!+ AND GIMME HARDCORE GAEMZ!"
Nah, who am I kidding, it will, sadly.
User avatar
06 Feb 2013 23:04

Free to download for a while? Pretty neat actually.

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