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Strike Suit Zero considered for Wii U, then shot down

Here's one indie game that's not going to have a Wii U debut. Ben Smith from Born Ready Games was asked about Strike Suit Zero hitting Wii U. Here's what he had to say.

“There were brief discussions about how a Wii U version might work, but they never got further than the ideas station.”

Looks like that deal is over and done with. Can't win them all, I guess!


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No Avatar
08 Feb 2013 06:28

Honestly, the reviews haven't been very good anyway.
The game was sort of rushed, and felt unfinished. I'm sure a Wii U launch wouldn't have gone over well.
User avatar
08 Feb 2013 09:13

@godofrawr What he said folks. Don't just read the headline and give a thumbs down.

Has a 65 Metacritic rating from reviewers, only 7.4 from gamers. And it's $20. that's not good.
User avatar
08 Feb 2013 15:38

It looks and plays like a video game should. I'm not looking for the best all of the time, but a game like this on the Wii U would be greatly appreciated, because it gives us something else to choose from when searching for Wii U games to buy.
At least...I would have appreciated it.

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