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GungHo wants Grasshopper to keep making games in their usual style

“I’d like Suda-san to remain focussed on Grasshopper rather than GungHo as a whole. Of course now I’ll be involved in Grasshopper’s creative output, but since Suda-san is there, in a lot of ways it actually equates to a taking load off my own work. Basically, I’d like Grasshopper Manufacture to continue to make games in the manner they are accustomed to.” - GungHo's Kazuki Morishita

Glad to hear that GungHo wants Grasshopper to continue being quirky and unique. I bet Warren Spector isn't going to be pleased to hear that!


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User avatar
10 Feb 2013 15:35

I do wonder if the acquisition of Grasshopper game by GungHo (whoever they are) will mean we get more or less Grasshopper games on Nintendo systems. We'll see I guess
User avatar
10 Feb 2013 15:38


dunno, GungHo has exactly zero experience with this space in gaming. they will probably let grasshopper make the calls. (if they can make a business case)
No Avatar
10 Feb 2013 15:55

If they are letting Suda51 and Grasshopper make the calls, then I'd have hope for them landing on the Wii U. Suda51 has had many good things to say about Nintendo for years now. :) This is a good sign, if you ask me.
User avatar
10 Feb 2013 20:06

Good to know. ^_^ Let's just see what happens.
User avatar
10 Feb 2013 23:29

Wasn't it basically an acquisition in the sense of, they back them up, and 'own' them but they are free to do as they should be without getting burned by other publishers who don't care about the product itself?

edit: Fk Spector and his retarded comments recently. Is he going senile? He used to make sense..
User avatar
11 Feb 2013 12:34

...? What? Did Spector have something specific to say about Suda/Grasshopper? What was it?

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