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Frozenbyte may bring Splot to Wii U

Thanks, we may bring future games to Wii U as well, we have enjoyed working on it. Our next game Splot might be a good choice (there are some technology related things we need to solve first, so it won't happen instantly). Our next "big" game will be a 2014 release so there's a lot of time until that, and we don't yet know which platforms we'll release it on (it could be PC-only)... we'll see. Thanks for the interest in any case! - Frozenbyte

Let's hope we see continued support from Frozenbyte. I'd hate to think that they'd be a one-and-done situation on Wii U.


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No Avatar
11 Feb 2013 15:49

Trine 2 was one of my favorite games ever. Even without all the prettiez, the gameplay was freaking amazing. Hopefully they bring Splot to Wii U, I'm not a PC gamer and the Wii U is the only console I have. I want more genius puzzle-platforming, dang it!
No Avatar
11 Feb 2013 16:26

Trine 2 is so fantastic , playing that after a long nintendoland session is just perfect . Three players local (and online) with wiimote that's just a terrific combo .
darn i never knew about that year old bundle, those games would be great on eshop also imo . As for splot , it's going to be a hard work trying to convince consumers , but on wii u it might be a bit easier.
And that word choice for their true next project doesn't sound good at all . We'll see

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