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Amazon ships recalled version of Scribblenauts Unlimited to consumers

Oh boy, here we go! Amazon didn't get the message in time, I guess! Some lucky consumers are getting their hands on the recalled version of Scribblenauts Unlimited. Maybe now we can see what the big fuss is about!


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User avatar
11 Feb 2013 16:37

Don't open that. highly collectible
User avatar
11 Feb 2013 16:41

I'm calling it, they included the word "spastic".
User avatar
11 Feb 2013 17:09

It looks like Max has flat glasses or eye bags :P
User avatar
11 Feb 2013 17:20

Good. No reason it shouldn't be out now anyway.

Shame Rayman Legends Wii U hadn't been printed off before the BS Announcement, and this exact thing have happened to some lucky hopefuls - just to spite Ubisoft
User avatar
11 Feb 2013 17:53

Is Maxwell blushing?
User avatar
11 Feb 2013 18:17


It will only be collectible until they ship the game. Then you won't be able to discern the difference and it will be worth no more than any other copy of the game.
No Avatar
11 Feb 2013 18:52

joeshabadoo wrote:Don't open that. highly collectible


here's hoping some of them did not open it, recalled games fetch for insane prices
No Avatar
12 Feb 2013 12:45

I got the game today.

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