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Are Capcom Arcade Cabinet titles coming to 3DS eShop?

ESRB listings for the following titles have hit the ESRB...

Just the one listing so far, but it looks like we might be seeing these titles hit the 3DS individually, although in a staggered release. Thanks to ZRK for the heads up!

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21 Feb 2013 21:37

Everything but Wii U...wow...lol
No Avatar
21 Feb 2013 21:53

wow. Capcom supporting wii u is really a lost cause. :(
User avatar
21 Feb 2013 22:09

mariomaniac45213 wrote:Everything but Wii U...wow...lol

again, #SackSven - use it!
No Avatar
21 Feb 2013 22:10

that's quite shocking 3ds and vita but no wii u . oh well
User avatar
21 Feb 2013 23:13

Sure, more games, great.

And Capcom is bringing Monster Hunter and Revelations to the Wii U.

Honestly there isn't anything else they produce worth coming to Wii U - outside the resurrection of Mega Man.
User avatar
22 Feb 2013 06:06

Why no Wii U? Capcom whines and moans about how bad WiiWare is and as soon as Nintendo reveals the eShop that addresses all of their complaints they go quiet!
No Avatar
22 Feb 2013 09:59

I love my Capcom emulators, CPS1 and 2, on my PSP. I can't wait to give them money for that.

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