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GoNintendo 'End of Day' thought - Where does Ubisoft stand with you now?

Man, I felt like the weekend took forever to get here. Maybe that's because it was such a busy week! Very happy to have a weekend just around the corner. I need some rest and relaxation...and games! See you in a few, short hours.

Ubisoft has certainly been up and down with Nintendo fans lately. They really seem to be interested in supporting the Wii U moreso than other third parties, but more recently, they created quite the wall of anger. A last-minute delay of Rayman Legends caused a lot of pain for Wii U owners, which turned into rage-filled posts against the company. What could Ubisoft do to rebound?

They tried to make people happy by announcing another exclusive Wii U demo for Rayman Legends, but that didn't really do the trick. That seemed to make people even more angry. We don't want another demo of a game that should have been out later this month! This move was going from bad to worse in the eyes of many.

Then things started to change a bit. Ubisoft devs came out and supported fans that protested Ubisoft's offices in the name of the Rayman delay. It was very clear that the devs were just as upset as fans were. They didn't put in long hours just to get their game delayed at the last second. They also reached out to fans, begging them not to take out their anger on a game that they've worked so hard on.

A little bit later, we find out that the exclusive demo was skipped over in exchange for something a bit juicier. Wii U owners will have access to all sorts of online modes/challenges this April, including one more that is Wii U only. While we won't have the full game to play, we'll at least be enjoying a part of it while we wait for the final release.

Then Ubisoft dropped a big bomb just this week. Watch Dogs, which was rumored for Wii U, was confirmed via press release. The retail listings were indeed spot-on. That one piece of news really seemed to push Ubisoft back in the favor of many. Our post of the confirmation received 85 positive votes...and just 3 negative. Compared to the negative/positive results of the Rayman Legends delay on our site, these two reactions couldn't be more night and day.

I have to ask...after all these ups and downs, where does Ubisoft sit with you? Have they fallen out of your good graces forever? Have their steps since the delay made you a bit more happy with them? Are you slowly letting their products back into your life? Leave a comment and let us know!

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55 total comments (View all)
No Avatar
22 Feb 2013 12:15

I would rather buy Madden from EA or Call of Duty from Activison than ANYTHING from Ubisoft. They frankly pulled off a stunning betrayal of Nintendo fans, and then they're playing for Sony in the meantime for PS4. I won't buy any Ubisoft products new save for Rayman. Any others I'll buy used to deny them my money.
No Avatar
22 Feb 2013 12:18

All is not forgiven. We still don't know what Watch Dogs for Wii U will look like or play like. And after the crap they pulled with Rayman, I am expecting it to look about on par with the 360 version, which imo is not acceptable. Basically, what I am saying is that I don't trust them at all right now. And until they prove to me that they really care about us Nintendo gamers as much as they seem to care about the PS360 crowd, my position will not change. It's up to them as a business to get me excited to support them - to get me as a consumer to trust in them and their ability to deliver great entertaining products. It's not my job to support them. The burden is on them.
No Avatar
22 Feb 2013 12:25

They seem to have more heart than EA but that could also be considered "crowd control".

In the end, I personally just take whatever games I like that 3rd parties release and accept what they don't bring over to Wii U. I can't change them.

Ubisoft well, they're great and at least the seem to want to genuinely support Nintendo as things stands so that's enough reason for me to support them but at the same time hey, they gotta make their money if we wanna keep seeing expensive productions like Rayman Legends or Watch_Dogs. So I accept their multiplatform decisions.

If I get a PS4 in the future that's another story, but I'm not planning on it so far so I'll stick to what I get on Wii U.
User avatar
22 Feb 2013 12:32

Didn't ever really want Rayman, but I have definitely been wanting Watch Dogs since the reveal trailer. So they are sitting pretty good with me right now.
User avatar
22 Feb 2013 12:49

I forgive Ubisoft and will be buying both Watch Dogs and Rayman Legends! I cannot wait! ^_^
User avatar
22 Feb 2013 12:57

I never had any intention of buying Rayman Legends but the free content is cool. I will check it out. For me it does help me forgive the delay but I am still very unhappy about the message they sent to 3rd parties.
No Avatar
22 Feb 2013 13:03

Ubisoft made a vastly stupid decision, no question. It was made worse by the demo announcement, the rumors of the MS deal, and the fact that Rayman was so prominently tied to the WiiU 's launch period. Almost nobody seems to mind the loss of an exclusive (we are all gamers, after all) but the fact that a finished game is sitting on a shelf for no good reason is infuriating.
But honestly, Ubisoft generally does alright by Nintendo fans, and really if there had been a couple more games available around launch it would have stung less. For that I kinda blame Nintendo for not having some sort of backup plan. A good way to go would have been to release some more VC games, especially Pikmin 1-2, as hype for Pikmin 3. Or really just release anything on the VC to keep people busy until March. Sorry, Balloon Fight doesn't cut it, and I bought F-Zero, Super Metroid, etc, years ago on the Wii VC. New attractions as DLC for Nintendo Land would have been nice, or maybe having Super Luigi WiiU ready to go as a contingency plan would have been a way to go.
As for Ubisoft, their games are either really good or really bad. I judge on a game by game basis.
User avatar
22 Feb 2013 13:24

Ahhhh Ubisoft the company i would love not to hate...

You gave us red steel while refusing us games like assassin creed for the wii!

You constantly buried us in the Z games like babiez and petz.
you say how much you like us nintendo gamers while year after year keep passing us on from game to game.
You insult us by saying games are coming out exclusively for our platform and changed whats you said to us in a seconds notice!
You delay games for no reason even though the game is finished!

You brag how much money we nintendo gamers made for you and then put that money into other projects and platforms then the ones we supported!!!

Ahhh ubisoft you are first front and center to meet us nintendo gamers with brand new games when a new system is released.

Some games like ZombieU are excellent examples but others like red steel not so great and needed more work!

Ubisoft other then nintendo and maybe less then a handful of development companies I have the most hope for you of being a triple A game developer for nintendo, with games like the rayman series, prince of persia and beyond good and evil you really give me hope for you but you somewhat always treat us nintendo gamers like some low street ender :-.[ I just get the feeling you don't understand or care for us!

I as a nintendo gamer I want to spend my money on your games but many times you treat me and others that our money and choice is not worth your time! ?

How do i feel about ubisoft???

Disappointed, disappointed because i expected so much more from you.

Signed: 3dimension.
No Avatar
22 Feb 2013 13:56

Still extremely disappointed about Rayman... but they earned back a lot of goodwill from me when they announced Watch Dogs for the Wii U. That's the version I'll be buying. Overall, my respect for Ubisoft took a blow but they're still in my good graces.
User avatar
22 Feb 2013 14:01

I pre-ordered and fully paid for Rayman Legends on launch day. I was REALLY impressed with the demo, and my girlfriend and I were ready for the perfect co-op platforming. The delay is a hard pill to swallow, but I've waited longer for games before. Hell, I've been waiting for Animal Crossing New Leaf to come out in the states for ages! Didn't they show it at E3 3 or 4 years ago? It got delayed again and again and again. And we all went through Twilight Princess's long wait.

By now, I am a patient gamer. I would rather have something refined later than something sub-par now. I know they were essentially done with Legends when the delay happened, but now they're sawing it's going to have miiverse implementation and more bosses and online modes and refined levels. I couldn't be happier, honestly!

Also, I've been wanting WatchDogs on WiiU ever since last E3. The gamepad looks like it would work perfectly with the game! I'm really excited for it. However, I will wait for hands-on impressions before I put any money down on it. So long as it lives up to what it looks like, I will be a happy gamer.

I don't understand the people who want to boycott Ubisoft. They are stupid, but creative and risky. Between ZombiU, AC3 (post-patch), Legends, and Watchdogs, how could you hate them? I'm giving them my support because they are doing amazing things on the WiiU, and I'm excited to play more!
User avatar
22 Feb 2013 14:02

I was mad over the Rayman delay, but the free modes in April help. If they release a game that is worth my money, I will probably buy it at some point. I was impressed with ZombiU, so they ain't all bad.
User avatar
22 Feb 2013 14:13

Grimnall wrote:From what many are speculating in various forums on the internet, the Wii U delay is because UBIsoft wants to release a PS3 and Xbox360 version of the game and MS requires that if you want to release a game on the Xbox format, it has to be released at the same date as any other platform.

Thus, UBIsoft had a choice: release the Wii U version now and not be able to release an Xbox version and lose the sales/profits on that platform; or release the game on all platforms at the same time and gain the sales/profits from all three systems.

This theory doesn't make me any less disappointed in the delay but it at least does perhaps explain the reasoning for the delay that makes sense.

that's assuming they will actually get more sales/profits once it's out on all three systems.
User avatar
22 Feb 2013 14:41

They're still a pretty trashy company imo. Rayman is still not coming until Fall, Watch Dogs will likely run and look the worst on Wii U, the discounted games on the eshop was probably because Nintendo is paying for the difference in price and the ZombiU bundle is meaningless because the game is glitchy, looks dated and the controls are beyond clunky.
User avatar
22 Feb 2013 14:47

I'm not mad, but I'm not going to get Rayman. I was leaning towards it because there is this gap in games right now, but I'm not going to wait for it
User avatar
22 Feb 2013 15:31

It's not so much that they have fallen out of people's good graces forever, it's more that they did permanent damage to their brand. It doesn't matter how many people say they "forgive" them or don't "forgive" them. It doesn't matter much how many people say they "boycott" them. The truth is that Their decision on Rayman did damages to their brand that far outweigh any positives, such as keeping things kosher with MS or consolidating marketing costs.

In this age, people have too many choices, even on AAA games, so when they are standing at the store and one of the two titles they want most has a Ubisoft logo on it, there will be, on some level, a negative emotional reaction. That swirl will look like a flushing tiolet. That's worse then a boycott. That's worse then being unforgiven on an intellectual level. Having a company that makes GAMES - you know, those things that are supposed to make you happy - and having your company name and logo be something that makes people feel vaguely upset, well that's not good.

Even many people that don't ever plan to own a Wii U feel this way about them now, it's not about what they do for Nintendo. You can't fix an amputated leg by giving someone a third (or fourth, or fifth) arm. You have to go back to the leg, and even then it probably won't be 100%. They need to fix this Rayman fiasco if they want to save their company a lot of pain, and maybe even company dissolution, over the next ten years.
User avatar
22 Feb 2013 15:39

For now, i'm not buying another Ubisoft game. The Rayman debacle was pure BS plain and simple. and I agree with BitBlock. Just because Watch Dogs was announced for the Wii U doesn't mean it will be given the same opportunity and care that the other platforms will.

From here on out Ubisoft has a lot of proving to do to get me even considering buying another game from them. Talk is cheap. Really cheap when it comes to them. I'm perfectly content to never spend another dime on them. It will be up to them to change that sentiment the same way they caused it.
No Avatar
22 Feb 2013 15:41

I find that I've been playing a lot of Ubisoft titles lately. Rabbids Land, Just Dance 4, even Might & Magic Clash of Heroes... Ubisoft has a lot of quality titles and sometimes they even outdo Nintendo!
User avatar
22 Feb 2013 16:00

Mahe wrote:I find that I've been playing a lot of Ubisoft titles lately. Rabbids Land, Just Dance 4, even Might & Magic Clash of Heroes... Ubisoft has a lot of quality titles and sometimes they even outdo Nintendo!

Whoa now, slow down boss. In my book Ubisoft usually stands for poor quality. Even their best games like Zombiu, Assassins Creed, and Far Cry are fairly bland bug ridden affairs with sloppy controls.. I let it slide with AC cause we dont get many historical games but the problems are still there. There other titles like TMNT smash up and From Dust are even worse (TMNT was never even finished!). I tolerate Ubisoft because of AC like I said above and because Nintendo needs all the 3rd party support it can get. But they are far from being competent devs. Certainly not at Nintendos level (that is when Nintendo tries and does not take the lazy way out).
User avatar
22 Feb 2013 16:28

TheBitBlock wrote:They're still a pretty trashy company imo. Rayman is still not coming until Fall, Watch Dogs will likely run and look the worst on Wii U, the discounted games on the eshop was probably because Nintendo is paying for the difference in price and the ZombiU bundle is meaningless because the game is glitchy, looks dated and the controls are beyond clunky.

*SIGH*...why do you do this?

-Watch Dogs will likely run and look the worst on Wii U

Back up your claim. You know it could be a PC port.

-the discounted games on the eshop was probably because Nintendo is paying for the difference in price

Back it up!

-ZombiU bundle is meaningless because the game is glitchy, looks dated and the controls are beyond clunky.

Patch is on the way (it was rushed after all), according to many (not me now) it looks beyond what the PS360 could do and the controls are slow since it's a slow game and uses the gamepad (a good combination in the end).

All you have is personal and rather biased opinion. It's obvious you are pissed at Ninty with the WiiU, but try to debate rather than whine... You were not like this back in the Wii era..
User avatar
22 Feb 2013 17:54

I was very angry at first with the Rayman delay, but now I am over it since we are getting Watch Dogs. I just purchased ZombiU and I'm enjoying it, I am picking up the AC Ezio Trilogy on PS3 to get prepared for the AC3 Washington Edition on Wii U, and I'm pre-ordering Watch Dogs this week. I think Ubisoft is getting plenty of my money for awhile. Watch Dogs is my second most anticipated game next to The Last of Us on PS3, Pikmin 3 and The Wonderful 101 on Wii U are third and fourth. Ubisoft has my attention for awhile, excited for the exclusive challenge mode and I might get Rayman Legends this fall.
No Avatar
22 Feb 2013 18:39

better that's for sure , and at time will go by probably ... i am hoping but i see the craziness at the same time regarding the talk some studios have to have in order to keep leaving in their delusional world
so yeah i'm glad watchdogs is coming , zombiu is still a very truly scary game to me , and rayman legends would have been better if it was out now . On a sales point . Their loss , still putting their major ip two year in a row on wii u is not lost on me , so despite the stupid decision , i'm ok with it now . As petty as it might sound
User avatar
22 Feb 2013 20:47

I'm slowly beginning to let them back in. They have been making good though I'm not 100% there.
No Avatar
22 Feb 2013 20:52

I've warmed back up to them enough to download Zombi U now that it's 30% off, and I'll keep an eye on Watch Dogs. But I haven't warmed up enough to renew my cancelled pre-order for Rayman Legends. That delay was totally unnecessary and a crushing blow to Wii U at a critical time in its lifespan. Rayman will have to compete with the big boys this fall and it will probably lose. I'll pick it up down the line when it's been discounted, or maybe just get a used copy.
User avatar
23 Feb 2013 14:23

They're alright with me right now. Legends delay sucks royally, but the free online stuff WiiU is getting in April is better compensation than I think any of us would've expected. Watch Dogs coming to Wii U is pretty cool, and as long as it's not a bad port I'll probably be getting that version instead of the PS3 version.
User avatar
24 Feb 2013 23:06

One thing no one seems to point out is the AC3 port to Wii U was terrible. I regret buying it. But hopefully Watch_Dogs will be much better (I'm extremely excited for it). Rayman Legends delay I wouldn't mind if it wasn't SOLELY to port it. That's what upsets me. Why not release the Wii U version than release ports? I wouldn't mind that as much.

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