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A look inside Etrian Odyssey IV's packaging

As you can see, there's no manual inside the box. Just the extra goodies that Atlus usually includes. I guess the instruction booklet really is a dying breed.


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22 Feb 2013 21:50

I really don't care for manuals this days. I read them after I play the game. I'm just glad that they are there.
User avatar
23 Feb 2013 01:24

As soon as someone has a B2G1 or another deal, I'm in.
User avatar
23 Feb 2013 07:29

Kind of a shame, considering at least EO2 and 3 came with pretty thick, completely colored manuals, which, aside from a lot of other stuff, included the starting classes' skill trees. EO3 even had them on the back of a foldable mini-poster. Makes me wonder if I shouldn't cancel my preorder for the US-version after all, since I suspect the EU-version will be completely empty then... :(

On a sidenote, good to see Parish get's to keep doing what he's been doing on IGN now after the 1UP closure.
User avatar
23 Feb 2013 13:52

I'm not really upset over the manual. When manuals sucked most of the time. How many manuals just repeated what was said in the game. VS manuals that actually gave proper info. Not that many.
User avatar
24 Feb 2013 12:37

Well, it seems, from testimonies made on the 3DS Forums, that many people bought physical copies mainly for the manual, and while I don't believe it, it seems odd that they aren't including a manual.

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