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Watch Dogs using new 'Disrupt' engine

Coming from Ubisoft's Sebastien Viard...

Watch Dogs uses a brand new engine called Disrupt, developed specifically for the game at Ubisoft Montreal. It's not Assassin's Creed engine

What we've seen of Watch Dogs certainly looks impressive. Let's hope the Wii U version can visually stand up to the PS4 version in most ways.


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User avatar
25 Feb 2013 17:00

Uhhh... riiiiight. That ish looks like AC3 in modern day Chicago, I'm sorry. Rename the engine what you want, but it borrows HEAVILY from AC3's engine.
No Avatar
25 Feb 2013 18:21

the assasins creed engine is not as good as this, i believe when they say is a new one.
User avatar
25 Feb 2013 19:20

I don't see why it wouldn't look as good as the PS4 version. The Wii-U is no slouch.
User avatar
25 Feb 2013 20:43

PS4 has huge framerate problems.

I recommend the PC version of multi platform crap games. Only exclusives are really good on their system.

PS4 has a nice game called Knack, the rest looks like a yearly refresh. Not impressed, even the PS4 controller is the same as PS2 or PS3.


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