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Disney Infinity - Cars play set pricing (UK)


Cars Playset: £39.99

Mater Figure: £15.99

Francesco Bernoulli Figure: £12.99


Cars Playset: £34.99

Mater Figure: £12.99

Francesco Bernoulli Figure: £12.99


Cars Playset: £31.85

Francesco Bernoulli Figure: £11.84


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User avatar
25 Feb 2013 17:43

shovel, I didn't think they'd be milking it THAT much
User avatar
25 Feb 2013 17:54

I know each world is supposed to be it's own game but that Translates to about $30+ USD which is too much if you ask me. And I'm someone who defends Skylanders.
No Avatar
25 Feb 2013 22:51

so the playset is mandatory ... wow . I was hoping one character would unlock a playset , so wrong . So four "universe" 80 + 50 ? at least it can do two player coop but wow that's a lot

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