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Ubisoft LinkedIn profile points to Splinter Cell: Blacklist on Wii U

Yet more hope for the game coming our way. It worked out with Watch Dogs. Let's hope Splinter Cell ends up the same way!


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User avatar
25 Feb 2013 17:48

That was fast. It seems likely, I don't think someone would lie about working on something that doesn't exist
User avatar
25 Feb 2013 17:48

Ubisoft really stepping up their game for Wii U owners I appreciate it! :p
No Avatar
25 Feb 2013 17:55

This is the only game from the leaked Blockbuster WiiU games list that have not been announced, it has also been leaked on retailers sites. They need to hurry up and announce it.
No Avatar
25 Feb 2013 18:03


You mean a team made of 4 or 5 guys for a sub version with no budget is appresciate? Because that is what is going to happen and that is what the final U is goign to look like. AC3 says hiiiiii! Even EA does better things.
No Avatar
25 Feb 2013 18:03

I just hope this dude doesn't get in trouble for someone else turning this into a story
No Avatar
25 Feb 2013 18:09

My only question about this and Watch Dogs and Ubisoft is...why play so coy about it? Ubisoft knows/knew they have been screwed in the public image after the tangle/mess of Rayman Legends. So, if they wanted re-establish good will with that third of the gaming population that are Nintendo fans (and yes, I'm splitting gamers generally up into thirds, one for each console company) why not just up and say "Yes, Rayman Legends is going multi-console now...but hey Wii U fans, don't hate us! We are sending TWO others your way when the other consoles got ONE: Watch Dogs and Splinter Cell are heading to the Wii U!" That's the first thing I would have done if I were the Ubisoft PR team...the decisions had already been made to do so...and my company was under the pure shiznit storm that Ubisoft has been under.
User avatar
25 Feb 2013 18:15

Hope it plays like a splinter cell (stealth) game. I'm in, if it's the case.
User avatar
25 Feb 2013 18:27

maybe the lack of third party announcements lately is because nintendo is saving them all for their 3rd party wii u nintendo direct everybody has been hoping for....

User avatar
25 Feb 2013 18:39

I won't be surprised by this.
User avatar
25 Feb 2013 19:18

If it's day and date and not a terrible port I will definitely give this a shot. Especially if no other third parties are bothering supporting it.
User avatar
26 Feb 2013 00:20

Cuttin' it close to announce this, isn't it? Assuming this version still exists.

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