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Ubisoft was working on Beyond Good and Evil 2 for Wii U at one time

Coming from the LinkedIn profile of Ubisoft's Mathieu Audrain...

Oh man...what happened in 2011?! Did the project continue on, but Audrain was moved to Zombi U?!


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User avatar
25 Feb 2013 18:12

What if the Wii U is only referring to Killer Freaks and not BG&E2?

EDIT: Not that there's any reason it SHOULDN'T hit Wii U, especially since it's most likely still very deep into development (if it's still in development ;_;), just wanted to point that out D:.
User avatar
25 Feb 2013 18:19

Well I feel Beyond Good and Evil HD should hit the WiiU eShop first...that way I can play it.
No Avatar
25 Feb 2013 18:20

And Ubi was planning Rayman Legends for march 2013 at once time...
User avatar
25 Feb 2013 18:25

Beyond Good and Evil is a good Zelda clone (you can tell that the creator liked ocarina of time quite a bit) It'd like the chance to play the sequel on a Nintendo platform, I really don't think it's wise for a game that sold badly in the first place to limit their installbase for no good reason.
User avatar
25 Feb 2013 18:38

Interesting news, E3 and gamescom can't come any sooner!
User avatar
25 Feb 2013 18:40

Wow the game we shall never receive!
No Avatar
25 Feb 2013 23:41

the more important news is that the game was cancelled , because the first trailer was so long ago , they just could not have been happy with the results . Or well maybe they'll try again to fit it on some other platforms.
User avatar
26 Feb 2013 00:19

If this game ever DOES come out, it'd probably going to receive some kind of overhaul for next gen systems.

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