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Random Time! - The movie based off the game...based off the movie

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25 Feb 2013 22:42

i laughed at the stacked proximity mines, and all the mine references haha....goldeneye was awesome
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25 Feb 2013 22:46

I honestly have no idea why this video is getting featured everywhere. Its not faithful to the actual game and theres a better parody skit already available that is way better!
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25 Feb 2013 22:51

I actually laughed out loud when I saw the stacked mines. That brought back memories for sure.
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25 Feb 2013 23:23

But...isn't GoldenEye Source a mod for Half-Life 2?

So, if this is based off of Source, isn't it...

A movie based on a mod based on a game based on a movie?

Now if GoldenEye was actually based on an Ian Fleming novel...

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