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Here's the one tease we get...


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No Avatar
26 Feb 2013 16:08

Emily, you are SUCH a friggin' tease
User avatar
26 Feb 2013 16:35

That shark doesn't have a laser beam, so it can't be an Austin Powers game.
User avatar
26 Feb 2013 16:41

Dogglord wrote:Armed & Dangerous?


that was my first thought, too! i really did love that game.. even if it looked pretty awful
User avatar
26 Feb 2013 17:17

im glad to see we are getting love on the eshop but seriously whats with the teases? Does this person actually expect us to guess what game it is when most likely its not a sequel or an announced game for any platform? Id rather have the annoying countdown clock then hey heres three pictures guess what it is?
User avatar
26 Feb 2013 17:43

All I see is a castle defense game and I don't normally pay these types of games much attention. Although if it's anything like dungeon defenders, sanctum, or that western armadillo game that I didn't buy, I might just be interested.

That's assuming this is even a castle defense game lol.
User avatar
26 Feb 2013 19:17

It's not a castle defense game. That much i'll say (it's also sadly armed & dangerous)
User avatar
26 Feb 2013 22:17

Batman: Bees, my god!
No Avatar
27 Feb 2013 01:24

oh well ... armed and dangerous ? that youtube link ? , well can't get them all i suppose
User avatar
27 Feb 2013 03:21

I know it isn't this but my first thought was World of Warcraft.

No Avatar
27 Feb 2013 04:28

Umm. Mario Galaxy? (Fire Suit, Bee Suit, Shark....)
No Avatar
27 Feb 2013 13:21

http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2013/0 ... ii_u_eshop

It's called Another Castle (as in "The Princess is in Another Castle"). It looks very interesting.

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