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Direct link here (thanks Petty!)

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27 Feb 2013 15:36

Looks interesting, I'll def check this out if it gets released.
User avatar
27 Feb 2013 15:48

I'm not sure what to think quite yet, I'd like to see more.
No Avatar
27 Feb 2013 17:26

It sounds fun. I want to see more.
No Avatar
28 Feb 2013 01:50

game footage should be a must
User avatar
28 Feb 2013 04:37

Regardless of whether or not we all want to play this, I'll say that it can only be a good thing that Kickstarter seems to be providing us more and more unique and cool looking eShop games to look forward to. If this keeps up, eShop will fuckin' rock!

P.S. When you do the math, they actually didn't reach the stretch goal for Vita/3DS. So......*ahem*. :roll:

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