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This is part of an Aussie-Gamer interview with Pwnee Studios' TJ Lutz...

Aussie-Gamer: What are your thoughts on developing for the Wii U? There has been a lot of mixed reactions from different developers, how have Nintendo helped the process of getting the game onto the eShop?

TJ Lutz: Nintendo has been great to work with so far!

We were raised playing the NES and SNES, so when we got the chance to develop our game for the Wii U, we were pumped! We really haven't had many issues with Nintendo, and they have been very helpful whenever we have had a problem.

In terms of getting the game onto the eShop, it has gone pretty smoothly. We presented the game to Nintendo, they liked it, and they said we should go onto the eShop. All we had to do was agree!

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28 Feb 2013 03:40

Always nice to hear that Nintendo is friendly and helpful with the studios. The e-shop is looking great already!
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28 Feb 2013 04:37

To be honest this is how you would expect a large successful company to be towards its partners though right?

This helpfulness and friendliness should be the norm...

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