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- Based on the Shield Pose demo from E3 2011.
- "Move your whole body like a dancer; left, right, up, and forward to the rhythm to catch the arrows as they fly toward you."
- Gamepad Usage: Hold the gamepad in both hands like a shield and move it around to catch the arrows. Lower the gamepad to clear the arrow.
- Sharp movements are key. Follow the rhythm of the music to do well.


- Guide Cricket to his Master, Mantis. The TV shows the way ahead, while the Gamepad shows a top down view as he jumps. But be careful of his hunger meter! Other players can watch the TV and guide the player with the Gamepad, while they focus on the top down view.
- Hold the Gamepad flat and tilt left, right, back, and forth to make Cricket jump from platform to platform.
- Cricket's stomach will empty with time so give priority to platforms with dumplings on them. Use sudden drops while jumping to move with good tempo.


- In Diamond City, where Wario and co live, 'Balloon Fighter' is a popular game. It seems that the young 9Volt, who loves games, is attempting to play the game late at night, while hiding it from his mom. But then she comes to check on him...
- On the TV is 9Volt's room, while Balloon Fighter appears on the Gamepad. When you notice his mom coming, hit the button quickly to pretend to be asleep.
- If you focus too hard on Balloon Fighter you may miss your mother coming. If you get people around you to tell you when Mom is coming, you can focus more easily on the game.


- Try and match the cut up pieces to the paper pattern. So long as the pieces match the silhouette on the pattern, it's ok if they go over the edge. If you can place all the pieces, you'll create patchworks of various shapes.
- Slide the cut pieces to the right place on the pattern using the Gamepad.
- If you start with the larger pieces, it'll be easier to get an idea of what your making and make it easier to continue. It's a good idea to look at the image from a distance sometimes to get a good idea of what you're making.

- features 16 games, plus more content like multiplayer
- Releases: 28th March 2013 (JP)
- Cost: 4,975 Yen
- Players: 1-5
- Save Data: 12 (shared between all users)
- Download requires 3.9GB+
- Co-developed by Intelligent Systems

More screens here

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12 total comments (View all)
User avatar
28 Feb 2013 16:09

That's a huge download size for such a simple looking game... :?
User avatar
28 Feb 2013 16:14

That's exactly what I was thinking.
No Avatar
28 Feb 2013 16:44

Really need to learn more about depth of this game. Am I mistaken that it's supposed to have unlockable microgames from the past (in addition to these minigames)?
User avatar
28 Feb 2013 17:08

this sounds cobbed together and lacking in original content, like they just gave a wario facelift to a bunch of tech demos and minigames that had been demo'd up but not used. it doesn't feel like a warioware game. is there any game editor for users? only thing i can imagine is if they plan to dlc this game with more minigames for sale. otherwise it sounds a bit lacking so far.
User avatar
28 Feb 2013 17:17

Wow Nintendo/Iwata really shoving that Balloon Fighter down our throats... >_>
User avatar
28 Feb 2013 17:21

May buy it at around 30€, but as a full price game it doesn't convince me. Some minigames look good to play with friends though.
User avatar
28 Feb 2013 17:26

(at a closer look, looks like NintendoLand with Wario. NintendoLand's multiplayer was fun but limited... no cohesion whatsoever between the games. I'll see if this is worth a buy or not.)
No Avatar
28 Feb 2013 17:31

Co-developed by Intelligent systems?? Color me intrigued
User avatar
28 Feb 2013 19:18

Who, seriously, WHO decided it was a good idea to make this game instead of a real Wario Ware that's a mix of Twisted (best WW game ever) and Touched?

Mind boggling.
User avatar
28 Feb 2013 19:36

Before you pass judgment, might I suggest you play the game (or hear a proper review) instead of acting like a bunch of cynics?
User avatar
28 Feb 2013 23:51

Looking for more details before judging.
No Avatar
01 Mar 2013 01:48

i'm quite surprised by the reactions . I wanted an ultimate warioware game with all previous wariogame in it , because it can reproduce all the controller scheme . Still i see that this option would not have allowed for those new controls . AND F*** it , even with that "low" budget look , it still does look far more interesting that the latest scripted autoaim fps such as killzone , uncharted 4 , infamous , cod , and whatever else make "gamers" think that it is worth their money .

Oh what a ridiculous industry .

I don't think it will be as good as nintendoland , but for local gaming which like doesn't exist at all on pc 360 ps4 720 , it still going to be interesting .

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