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ESRB rates Gun.Smoke for 3DS VC

All these arcade cabinet games are getting rated for 3DS. Capcom needs to tell us what's going on here! Thanks to Alan for the heads up.

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No Avatar
07 Mar 2013 18:56

Please make this happen on 3DS or Wii U!
No Avatar
07 Mar 2013 19:00

Gun Smoke was a great game! :)
User avatar
07 Mar 2013 19:07

Love this game. Played it all the time as a kid.
User avatar
07 Mar 2013 20:58

More evidence pointing at a 3DS release of Capcom Arcade Cabinet? Nice.
No Avatar
08 Mar 2013 12:58

Holy crap, I can't believe it! Loved this game as a kid and will definitely pick it up.

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