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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity commercial features Pikachu 3DS XL, doesn't give details

Direct link here

Are we just supposed to pretend we didn't see that, Nintendo?! Looks like that special edition 3DS is coming stateside. We'll just have to wait for more details! Thanks to MegaJacob for the heads up!

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No Avatar
11 Mar 2013 15:26

hope you guys get it over there, as it is gorgeous =) *oh yeah oh yeah oh yeaaaaaaah* lube voice =p
User avatar
11 Mar 2013 15:32

Roger Craig Smith as the announcer? Awesome!
No Avatar
11 Mar 2013 15:40

you forgot the f in my username :( oh well excited that it's finally coming to the u.s!(hopefully)
User avatar
11 Mar 2013 15:53

cant wait for an ACTUAL confirmation via Nintendo. A chance at a pikachu 3DSXL is near 8) . Please patience, stick around just a little longer or at least until E3. yay yellow! :o (hopefully)
User avatar
11 Mar 2013 16:08

C'mon Nintendo, out with it already!
User avatar
11 Mar 2013 17:29

This is funny. On the way into work today I was listening to some old Nintendo world report podcasts from 8/28/2012 and they were talking about this 3DS. They called it the Pikachu Nipple 3DS. LOL I see it now.
No Avatar
11 Mar 2013 17:34

now i am really disappointed. i just go and replace my 3ds xl that someone stole, and nintendo goes and practically announces the limited edition pikachu that i wanted.

i was really going to wait till nintendo announced a special edition, but because they hadn't announced this earlier when they announced release date for mystery dungeon; i figured they were going to hold back till pokemon x/y. there was no way i was going to wait till october to replace it though, as there are too many games i want to play between now and then.

well as much as i may want this i refuse to buy another 3ds xl just to get it. :(
User avatar
11 Mar 2013 17:54

My brother will be very pleased, he is waiting for the special edition.
No Avatar
12 Mar 2013 23:33

I was waiting for a special edition XL with X & Y but if they aren't as awesome as this I'll probably just get this lol

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