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Ace Attorney 5 sees appearance from Apollo Justice

You thought Capcom was going to ignore Apollo Justice in Ace Attorney 5? Not the case, my friends! We're hearing that Apollo will indeed make an appearance, albeit with a bandaged arm and eye. He'll also be donning a new jacket as well.


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User avatar
12 Mar 2013 19:37

Seems he got pretty beat up fighting for that precious screen time.
User avatar
12 Mar 2013 19:50

I'm so glad Apollo is back!! It'd be kinda weird if he and Trucy weren't there though, AA5 only takes place a year after Apollo Justice. I wonder what happened though :O
User avatar
12 Mar 2013 20:09

Awesome, I'm glad he's back. It's the best of both worlds: Phoenix in the lead, but Apollo their to provide backup. I love both of them.
User avatar
12 Mar 2013 21:03

WooHoo! More chords of steel!
User avatar
12 Mar 2013 21:07

Apollo Justice as a defendant confirmed!!!!! jajaja jk
No Avatar
12 Mar 2013 21:26

Super Secret Bonus Case: Featuring Herr Forehead!
User avatar
13 Mar 2013 03:52

YES! I'm so glad to see him back again!

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