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User avatar
12 Mar 2013 21:41

I know it's a WarioWare game, but to be honest, I'm having a hard time getting excited for more WiiU minigames.
No Avatar
12 Mar 2013 22:05

Hawk wrote:I know it's a WarioWare game, but to be honest, I'm having a hard time getting excited for more WiiU minigames.

It looked really fun
User avatar
12 Mar 2013 22:10

These are some weird commercials.
No Avatar
12 Mar 2013 22:16

I know i might be the only one , but i'm really looking forward to this game and yes for the new way of playing .
So ashley is a shoot them up , there's the ski thing , bowling , the famous bird game with maybe two skins , the cat and dog are shooting things , the centimeter thing should be the robot . Mr game and watch is obvious and the last one is probably the balance shooting game .

It's too bad it's not going to sell though ; Seriously they should just have put those games on a very boring open world game with train interactions and stuff . Stop the train , switch off the lights, walk slowly to activate a script , only an open world game can make that seems magical . Think about the AI !!!! how each stuff is stuff the stuff of the stuff ... and the wind !
jokes aside as i wait for my new copy of beat the beat to gift while playing warioware wii , i realize there was just no way to make a warioware wii u . Luckily it doesn't really matter , it's not like it would have sell better . The general feeling is well known , everyone can make a minigame collection . Except that's not true but who cares . More virtual chicago for everyone , yeah
User avatar
12 Mar 2013 22:23

38 seconds in

he says, choke on the cock
User avatar
12 Mar 2013 22:36

...Actually I was thinking that this game was just a bunch of demos but...this looks pretty fun. It's incredible how a few commercials can change everything!
User avatar
12 Mar 2013 22:49

The reason I bought a Wii U is looking even better.
User avatar
13 Mar 2013 00:12

I wasn't much interested for a while but this is actually looking pretty good now in my opinion.
No Avatar
13 Mar 2013 01:07

That Ashley game is the thing that has convinced me to get the game, among other things. I was already leaning towards it, but now it looks more fun than I thought.
User avatar
13 Mar 2013 01:40

I have no problem with the game.

I just have a problem paying $59.99 for it.
User avatar
13 Mar 2013 03:33

It looks very quircky and funny.
I love the style of this one and I'm sure I'm gonna have some good laughs with it.
It seems easier to pick up than Nintendoland and I'm sure many casual players would love to play this. I might get this to play with some non gamer friends and have a chuckle myself.
No Avatar
13 Mar 2013 05:12

It's strange, on Wii I often thought that the minigame games looked fun, but in the end I never bought any of them.
This looks good too, once I have a Wii U maybe I should actually get it this time around.
User avatar
13 Mar 2013 06:00

I'm a huge Warioware fan. that being said, this doesn't look like a Warioware game. So what I want to know is if there is an actual microgame mode somewhere with classic Warioware type of games.

Because even though it looks really good, I'm not sure I'll be buying another Nintendoland anytime soon.
User avatar
13 Mar 2013 06:10

Looks pretty good now, I might get this.
Though I hope there's enough of the good old "microgame collection" mode that I love about Warioware...
User avatar
13 Mar 2013 11:05

Nintendo has really lost the clue with the WarioWare series lately in my opinion. The best WarioWare game to date is still GameCube's WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Party Games, and that's because it has a robust and fun multiplayer mode. These games are all about multiplayer to me, that's where it's at, and Nintendo messed up the Wii version because they wanted to rely on using only one controller for every mode, which was lame and restricting and sadly prevented any simultaneous multiplayer fun from happening (ala Othello's challenges). If anything you'd want to increase those moments, not take 'em away!

On GameCube, there was at least 3 good multiplayer game modes (Othello, Turtle Wobble and Card Collection, although the last one could be a bit unfair for someone depending on the number of players). On Wii the Lifeline mode was basically the only good multiplayer mode, and even that required passing the controller. I was expecting the next home console WarioWare to get back to the basics of multiplayer fun, but sadly this game seems like it's more geared towards one player experience and a couple of multiplayer modes are only thrown in for a good measure.

I will not buy another "single player" WarioWare, if the multiplayer isn't fleshed out it's only disappointing and just not worth it. The fact that this game is advertised as having 16 games has me worried. Sure, that probably means game modes (and the usual fast mini games are hidden in there somewhere too), but WarioWare is all about the 5 second minigames, not games where one player runs around the screen for 5 minutes and then others can press a button to guess which character he was. That just doesn't sound fun at all and certainly isn't what players have come to expect from the series. As someone posted, we already have Nintendo Land (which was quite average by the way), we don't need another one like that. GIVE US A PROPER MULTIPLAYER WARIOWARE NINTENDO, you nailed the concept, then you broke it!! Now fix it back to what it used to be.

Oh, and D-pad and 2 buttons (with occasional gyro rotation) is plenty enough for WarioWare, so no need to rely on just one controller, we all have several Wiimotes by now. Just give me a new WarioWare with new minigames and Othello, Turtle Wobble, Lifeline, Card Collection and maybe a couple of new multiplayer modes (Battleship-type of multiplayer mode could work, for example), and you have my money!

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