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RUMOR - Pikachu 3DS XL arrives in NA stores, March 24 street date

I am marking this rumor, just to be on the safe side. Prim4444 over at the CAG forums, told others in the Nintendo 3DS discussion that the Pikachu 3DS XL is already in the store he/she works. Also, it is mentioned that the street date for this particular system is March 24. Thanks to LAAG64 for the heads-up!

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User avatar
13 Mar 2013 19:55

March 24th is when PMD comes out... Which fits.

Gonna preorder tomorrow!
User avatar
13 Mar 2013 20:09

I can't unsee the Pika-nipples
User avatar
13 Mar 2013 20:36

Took you guys long enough. ;)
No Avatar
13 Mar 2013 21:02

It's confirmed at this point. No point in marking this story a rumor when we have a picture of the North American box in a store that proves it.
No Avatar
13 Mar 2013 21:21

pre-ordering tomorrow if they are up, finally a 3DS XL worth getting, will look awesome besides my pikacho game Boy color and Pikachu Nintendo 64
User avatar
13 Mar 2013 21:41

Nice camera nipples on pikachu there lol
User avatar
14 Mar 2013 00:22

Yup, March 24th fits. Seems to be true.

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