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Shovel Knight OFFICIALLY confirmed for Wii U and 3DS

Looks like some early PAX East promotional items have given us the confirmation we all knew was coming.

There you go, absolute proof that the game is heading our way. Man, I cannot WAIT to see more of this title!


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User avatar
18 Mar 2013 13:47

Holy Shovel! Sorry...couldn't help myself.
User avatar
18 Mar 2013 13:48

Getting it on 3DS. 3D Sprite games are amazing looking.
User avatar
18 Mar 2013 13:52

I backed this on Kickstarter, but I'll gladly buy it on WiiU or 3DS... Maybe both!
User avatar
18 Mar 2013 13:54

I'm backing this on Kickstarter too, but if I have to I will be buying it on Wii U as well. I am really excited for this game. Great news.
User avatar
18 Mar 2013 14:06

As soon as the Kickstarter page is updated to say an eShop download is one of the options they'll have my pledge. I'm considering pledging a larger amount to get some of the bonuses, but if I do I'm not going to buy the game all over again just to play it.
User avatar
18 Mar 2013 14:14

Cool, can't wait to test the game out this weekend! \:D/
User avatar
18 Mar 2013 14:30

Good news everyone!

Game looks like a lot of fun.
User avatar
18 Mar 2013 15:02

This game looks like pure shovelware :wink:

Slash Mercilessly and Dig Tirelessly!
User avatar
18 Mar 2013 16:18

Yeah... I wish they'd open up a section for Wii U downloads on their kickstarter. I don't need/want a PC version.
User avatar
18 Mar 2013 16:41

Kickass! :)

If the Wii U becomes the Digital / Indie heaven [Minecraft atm, excluded] it's looking to be, I don't think I'm gonna care as much for the continued lack of Third Party titles / excuses, personally.

I think the Digital / Indie space is gonna be the cornerstone of this gen anyway with most 'AAA' games continuing to spur notable profits with their over-bloated budgets.
User avatar
18 Mar 2013 20:46

Nice. If they add a Wii U option to the kickstarter, I'll chip in.
No Avatar
19 Mar 2013 00:53

No Avatar
19 Mar 2013 03:06

is it just me, or is anyone else getting a serrious duck tales vibe from it.

bouncing on enemies with a shovel, looks so much like scrooge doing it on the cane...

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