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Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed patch now live (UPDATE)

We don't have the details on everything the patch does just yet, but reader EmpoweredByOne let us know that Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed has a new patch available on Wii U. As usual, just fire up the game and you'll be prompted with the patch.

UPDATE - Patch notes...


• Vehicle collisions in online races handle high latency much better.
• X360 - Increased timeouts to allow for less network errors.
• Rating reset issues should be resolved.
• -100 Rating Penalty for players who quit races intentionally (even for router resets).
• Starlight Carnival - Road shader adjusted to prevent 'driving in the sky' issue.
• Super pick-ups in arenas should work in all cases now.
• Rare issue leaving players unable to return to lobby addressed.


• Tuned the difficulty of Traffic Attack, Ring Race, and certain Race events in World Tour.
• Corrected certain traffic attack gates not giving you extra time.
• Made the ‘Skip event after 3 failed events?’ option appear on all difficulties.


• Team Sonic - Made achievable in local gameplay so this is easier to get.
• Yokozuna - No longer unlocks when you only beat Sunshine Tour Expert Ghost.
• ‘Beat someone 500 points higher than you’ sticker no longer awarded unless criteria met.
• 'Meteor Strike' No longer triggers incorrectly.

• Time Attack – Multiple exploit fixes.
• Online play - Multiple exploit fixes.
• Co-op swap weapon slot now allows you to swap if you already have a weapon.
• Improved front end leaderboard caching.
• In-games triggers now handle physics tunnelling better for very fast players.
• incorrect HUD showing ‘Lap 2’ cases addressed.
• Improved motion controls for Wii-U
• Favourite character in license no longer incorrect.
• Hot-Rod physics effect in Arena's clamped.
• Occasionally being able to drive through Swarm attacks corrected.

• Announcer should now say correct finishing position in high latency games
• All-Star music volume level corrected
• Reverb effects removed when audio disabled.

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3 total comments (View all)
User avatar
27 Mar 2013 21:54

Favourite character in license no longer incorrect.

If this means that it shows NiGHTS now instead of Tails, I will be so happy.
No Avatar
27 Mar 2013 22:21

Ignore me. Wrong Thread. XD
User avatar
28 Mar 2013 00:46

Well, how about Alex Kidd's A.I.? How about randomly flying in the sky and off-stage in some stages, just before a jump off a ramp, like in Shibuya Downtown??

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