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Shovel Knight - live-stream, animation samples, wallpapers, stretch goals and more

Watch live video from yachtclubgames on www.twitch.tv

Check out wallpapers, information, stretch goals, more animation and other goodies here

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29 Mar 2013 01:45

Love the Dark Souls reference.
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29 Mar 2013 02:31


thank you RMC for giving more shovel knight love!
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29 Mar 2013 02:47

Looks great. Glad to be a backer.
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29 Mar 2013 03:00

Less than $10,000 to go.
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29 Mar 2013 03:44

The live stream tonight was cool to watch woz create some animations. Tomorrow's should be cool with a play through what they had at pax. Wish I could make it..

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