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Nintendo stock sees stock rise 11%, highest gain since 2008

Japanese stocks rose, with the Topix (TPX) Index capping its longest win streak this year, on optimism the yen’s weakness will improve the earnings outlook for exporters. Exporters to Europe Nintendo Co. and Nippon Sheet Glass Co. (5202) jumped more than 10 percent after the yen reached a three-year low against the euro. ...Nintendo, a maker of video-game players that depends on Europe for a third of its sales, soared 11 percent to 11,850 yen, the biggest gain since 2008.

Full report here (thanks Matt!)

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10 Apr 2013 15:06

so this means they are making money?
User avatar
10 Apr 2013 15:06

I bet ol' Yamauchi-san is happy :)
User avatar
10 Apr 2013 15:07

glad to know that investors dont take pachter seriously either lulz
User avatar
10 Apr 2013 15:13

Nintendo is clearly doomed

User avatar
10 Apr 2013 15:16

funny how the value of my NTDOY stock has been almost completely dependent upon the strength of the Yen and easing measures from the Bank of Japan
No Avatar
10 Apr 2013 15:38

But but but iPhones and PS4 and not having NES games on Androids....
User avatar
10 Apr 2013 15:47

Everybody's stock went up today. It isn't just Nintendo having a record high.
No Avatar
10 Apr 2013 15:48

Nice to finally see some good news on the financial front. This doom n' gloom stuff was getting old.
No Avatar
10 Apr 2013 16:10

Obviously the shareholders have NO idea that Iwatasan is a TERrible CEO. Patcher needs to stage an intervention STAT!
No Avatar
10 Apr 2013 16:53

Still doomed.

Until they start making money in boatloads again.

Then they are super doomed.
User avatar
10 Apr 2013 20:30

Pachter right yet again. Oh, wait...
No Avatar
10 Apr 2013 22:38

It doesn't say their stocks are at an all time high since 2008, it says 11% is the most it's risen since 2008. Any increase is good news for Nintendo, but don't get ahead of yourselves and act like this is a continuing trend. Wait until it keeps happening before you jump for joy and start insulting naysayers.

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