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Next Level received Famitsu Platinum Hall of Fame award for Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

This award is sent out to those that receive the highest tier of review score in Famitsu magazine.

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10 Apr 2013 17:41

Next Level should be proud of themselves. They've gone out and delivered a product that has succeeded on all fronts. It's gotten strong ratings across the board and is selling well around the world.
User avatar
10 Apr 2013 17:43

My favorite comment:

"So, the cheque cleared?"
No Avatar
10 Apr 2013 19:18

I loooooooooooove this game! It perfectly captures the mischievous spirit (LOL pun) of the original.
No Avatar
10 Apr 2013 21:25

Wait, so LM2 got a perfect score from Famitsu? I know Famitsu takes bribes and bumps up review scores for games they know will be popular, but that's great news for Next Level. I know a few guys who work there, they're all douche bags, but it's nice to see a local developer getting some real recognition in the homeland.
No Avatar
10 Apr 2013 21:55

three weeks on top of the japanese chart don't lie ! it's quite the accomplishment i think

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