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11 Apr 2013 20:54

Sweet looking pixel art > crappy and lazy looking Flash animation ANY DAY.
User avatar
11 Apr 2013 23:17

This would be a great addition to the eShop. I wish them luck in succeeding in their kickstarter goal. ^_^
User avatar
12 Apr 2013 02:38

Played the demo. A little hard to grasp at first but it's REALLY fun. Hope it makes it to the Wii U.
User avatar
12 Apr 2013 07:12

This looks like something worth having on 3DS. I'm sure they'll hit their goal, it's pretty low.
User avatar
12 Apr 2013 08:14

A fast-paced Contra-themed strategy game with the zombies from Metal Slug 3? Seems promising, I am definitely keeping my eyes on it. Though I don't understand the CoD influence or more than that, how they didn't mention Contra as an inspiration. Everything about this game screams Contra: Hard Corps: The SRPG.
User avatar
12 Apr 2013 09:01

God dammin this seems like something special.

And I need to go easy on Kickstarter.....
User avatar
12 Apr 2013 12:12

Even if the game itself doesn't really make me interested, they seems so much like a lively bunch, I'm almost tempted to give just for the hell of it. :P Sadly, I don't have the money to spare. :(

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