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Criterion creative director says it's time for something new, not working on Burnout/Need for Speed/Road Rash

Interesting that Ward says he's personally not involved with any of those projects. He doesn't say that they aren't in the works. Wonder if I'm reading into things too much...


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User avatar
15 Apr 2013 16:01

Criterion Games; Now understanding what Retro goes through all the time.
User avatar
15 Apr 2013 16:13

Just when Nintendo console owners FINALLY gets a decent Criterion racer after nearly a decade of waiting, Criterion wants to move on to something else.
User avatar
15 Apr 2013 16:37

Can't blame him. So... he's still with Criterion, but they are as a team making a new thing?
User avatar
15 Apr 2013 17:36

Bummed out... I was really anticipating for a new Burnout... D:
User avatar
15 Apr 2013 18:59

I doubt Criterion would get away with making a new IP
I mean they are under EA's tight @$$ed wing
No Avatar
15 Apr 2013 20:11

That's weird i thought they would admit to themselves that the only way to do an arcade racer would be under the need for speed brand . So many ultra bomb blur , pure , split second , modnations , sega rally revo , sega rally revo downloadable , fuel , pgr4, wipeout even since the studio was disbanded, dirt showdown already at 5 bucks . Wow what a horrible fate for the genre. Especially weird since burnout 3 was at the end of the previous gen , and excite trucks started gloriously on wii ... although the numbers are probably bad .
I'm glad at least one good one is on wii u .
User avatar
15 Apr 2013 22:03

Yeah after making Burnout Paradise three times in a row I'd want to make something new too

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