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Another look at the Mario and Luigi: Dream Team 3DS XL for Japan

While only announced for Japan, I wouldn't worry too much. Seems like something we'll get as well, but we'll have to wait awhile longer to hear confirmation.


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17 Apr 2013 11:16

That looks pretty darn ugly.
User avatar
17 Apr 2013 11:20

Those are some interesting choice of colors... :?
No Avatar
17 Apr 2013 11:43

Looks like someone threw up Luigi on it.
User avatar
17 Apr 2013 11:56

Not a fan... at all.
User avatar
17 Apr 2013 12:10

I like the concept. Wish it didn't look like ugly camo patterns though.
User avatar
17 Apr 2013 12:27

I like it in a 70s style retro way with that shade of green on white.
User avatar
17 Apr 2013 13:38

What? It looks great for me. I would love to have a 3DS with tons of Luigis on it.
User avatar
17 Apr 2013 15:51

Honestly a little bummed seeing this. I really had my heart set on a dark green 3ds XL. They may still make one, but it seems less likely seeing this. :(
User avatar
17 Apr 2013 16:24

Its the Luigi from Mario and Luigi. Looks cute.
User avatar
17 Apr 2013 17:20

I think it's pretty great. And I do like the colors - they're both masculine AND cute. Just like Luigi.
User avatar
18 Apr 2013 01:01

Now I want one like that, but about waluigi, with dozens of little purple Waluigi everywhere! :D
User avatar
18 Apr 2013 11:37

Looks like they snuck a single Mario onto the back of it:
User avatar
18 Apr 2013 12:00

KingBroly wrote:That looks pretty darn ugly.

Just like every other special edition 3DS XL, if you ask me.

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