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Shantae hitting 3DS VC sometime around June/July

Coming from WayForward's Matt Bozon...

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24 Apr 2013 02:19

I was worried about the lack of news. This is excellent! Too bad digital releases don't affect physical carts's prices though.
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24 Apr 2013 02:27

Superb! Been wanting to play this ever since I found out how much of a fool I was for missing it the first time around.
User avatar
24 Apr 2013 02:30

They could delay with Wii U VC all day long for news like this and I'd be ok with it! Absolutely psyched.
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24 Apr 2013 03:06

YES! I've wanted to try this but didn't want to pay ridiculous amounts for the GBC cart.
Hopefully it won't take forever to get to Europe...
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24 Apr 2013 03:06


Awesome! Sold. Keep going VC.
No Avatar
24 Apr 2013 08:12

YES! I knew it! Good things DO happen to those who wait!
User avatar
24 Apr 2013 09:37

Finally! I'd been waiting on this as I never played a Shantae game but wanted to play them in order. So after I play this one I'll get the DSi one.
No Avatar
24 Apr 2013 14:29

Oh HOT SHlT YES!!! I'll be there with freakin bells on!... whatever that means... Been anticipating this more than just about anything 3DS Virtual Console-wise. Hopefully Pirate's Curse will be right behind it :D

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