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Summer Carnival '92 Recca may be coming to western 3DS eShops

It looks like Recca, the sidescrolling shooter game from the Famicom era, might be coming to the western public. Recca was released at the end of last year on the 3DS Virtual Console in Japan, but it looks like we are getting the fun as well. Interestingly enough, it seems like it will published by Nintendo!

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User avatar
24 Apr 2013 21:53

No Drug Use, Nudity, or Sex?

Whelp, I'm out.
No Avatar
24 Apr 2013 22:02

Nah, just ignore that published by Nintendo bit.

It's a kooky thing the OFLC does where VC games and sometimes other downloadable Nintendo software is listed as being published by Nintendo even when it isnt the case.
User avatar
24 Apr 2013 22:07

Oh please come to NA and PAL.. I really have been craving thia ultra hard game, and used copies are extremely expensive
User avatar
25 Apr 2013 01:51

uhh....Recca is not a side-scrolling shmup.
awesome news though (if true)
User avatar
25 Apr 2013 04:13

The japan only NES shooter that pushed the system further than anyone thought possible? Count me in.

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