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Warren Spector shares his love of Zelda

Warren Spector was giving a talk about how games are different from other media out there. During the discussion, he mentioned that games have the power to transport players into another world. While making that point, he mentioned that the Legend of Zelda series does this. Just how big of a fan is Spector when it comes to the Legend of Zelda?

"I've personally saved Hyrule many, many times."


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10 May 2013 20:55

Should have used some of that time to try saving his studio.
User avatar
10 May 2013 22:33

He and his (former) team get so much hate, I kind of feel sorry for him. I would think Disney was the one who said "no" to things like Scrapper Mickey, and the probably forced them to rush the game out, too. Of course, if anyone on the team were to confirm or even say anything about that, they'd probably be killed by an elite team of Disney assassins.
User avatar
10 May 2013 23:50

Warren Spector helped with the Ultima series and as such has earned my undying love and respect.
No Avatar
11 May 2013 15:06

I love this guy. Seriously, he gave the world Deus Ex - 'nuff said
User avatar
11 May 2013 18:29

FTWiener wrote:I love this guy. Seriously, he gave the world Deus Ex - 'nuff said

nuff said

epic mickeys could have been better but at the very least he poured his heart and soul into making something creative and unique, as he's done with all the games he's been involved with, and that's a quality the industry could see more of

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