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Are people struggling with Super Metroid or are they trolling?

Take a look at this sampling...

What do you think? Are we looking at people that are legitimately stuck or are they just goofing? Thanks to Shaun for the heads up!

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17 May 2013 01:29

For ****s sake give me the controller. I'll do it.
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17 May 2013 01:33

These people are probably super young and aren't used to Nintendo games that don't have a full blown, hour long tutorial about how to use the jump button. Back in my day....
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17 May 2013 02:35

I love Miiverse!
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17 May 2013 02:36

LOL these are great, I am not surprised at all because today's generation of gamers just assume games back then are simply EASY like they are today. I assume they all think it's just "oh there is a door, this should open, wait why isn't it opening? I don't want to go back to the start of the level or backtrack! this door to should open! OK I THINK THIS IS A GLITCH, THIS DOOR WON'T OPEN" lol too many gamers these days are so used to "hand holding" since alot of games are like that these days.

thanks for posting this rmc

i nearly died laughing at the "y cant metroid crawl?" line and i think it will become a great meme
User avatar
17 May 2013 03:06

y cant metroid crawl? is definitely on its way to becoming a meme.

As for these players confusion, if it's real (I'm assuming it is), we have modern game design to thank. So many games today hold the players hand, giving them waypoints and giant arrows on the screen telling them where to go. When you have kids who are growing up in the age of waypoints and tutorials a game like Super Metroid, that expects the player to figure things out on their own, is going to go way over their heads. Sad but true.
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17 May 2013 03:38

Lol this is what happens when you don't have an hour of tutorial in games
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17 May 2013 03:42

They are trolling!!
It's because of Nintendo's policy regarding Let's Play video.
User avatar
17 May 2013 04:15

KingJames7 wrote:Lol this is what happens when you don't have an hour of tutorial in games

don't even joke about that, man.

nintendo might see your comment and then make the next metroid game where adam becomes a hologram occasionally projected by samus's gun, and then he'll constantly pop up to explain everything to you in excruciating detail, like when your health is low, or how to beat a puzzle, or when he is 83% certain you are being attacked by a giant monster.
User avatar
17 May 2013 05:54

I feel like punching these people to the face... Damn.
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17 May 2013 06:04

Brennan88 wrote:
Zanreo wrote:...Okay, what's wrong with not everyone being good at a game? Some of these might be less experienced players, why does it matter? So they get stuck at some place the first time they play? Everyone gets stuck from time to time.
Sorry, but all the gaming elitism I've seen about this certain topic makes me a bit sick (not just here, saw a tumblr post about it and I had to stop reading the notes halfways through)
Though with so many people having trouble with the same spot, you'd wonder why they don't just google it.

My sentiments exactly.

I've never played a Metroid game prior to this game today and I got a bit stuck on here for a bit and quite frankly I'm insulted by everyone's reactions. It does seem like some of those posts are trolling but the attitude of this post and some comments seems like "you suck or you're a troll". Whether it's intentional or not it comes off as condescending.

Yeah... also, all of this "well back in my day we had no guides"? I'm pretty sure that if you HAD online guides you would use them. Also, no one ever asked a friend for help if they got stuck or anything? Same thing, you still get help.
I bet some of you are the same people complaining about OPTIONAL "easy modes" or guides that you don't even HAVE to use... Sorry, I just get a bit annoyed by the "oh lol today's gamers suck back in my day games were much harder" attitude.
User avatar
17 May 2013 06:40

I like to think this is proof that gamers these days have lost their edge.
User avatar
17 May 2013 06:47

I must admit, given how people new to NiGHTS through the rerelease complained about the difficulty, this can be legit. Things have gotten easier since the 90s.
User avatar
17 May 2013 06:53

Ummm... didn't Samus get the ability to crawl in Fusion?

Anyways, I'm having similar issues learning how to wall jump and after almost 20 years of playing, I still can't do it except by accident. So, yeah this doesn't seem too far fetched to be asking for help
User avatar
17 May 2013 07:30

I think it's important to note that most of us are part of the generation that got stumped in Carnival Night Zone Act 2. Ponder that, if you will.
User avatar
17 May 2013 07:40

It's probably a bit of both.
User avatar
17 May 2013 08:27

ninjablaze wrote:
Despite my admiration of the mystery and exploration needed in Super Metroid, and at the risk of earning the ire of Metroid purists, that one was of the most obtuse parts of the game, and wasn't as "clever" as it was needlessly vague, imo.

I'm a Metroid purist, and I think 99% of that game is designed so well that it subconsciously guides you along the correct path.

But you'd better believe I got stuck at that part when I first played it! There really are no clues you can do that, and it's one of the few puzzles were it isn't alluded to earlier on by a similar situation. It's just, a thing, with no indication it can be done.

Stuff like that, I understand if people don't figure it out right away. But the stuff like those blocks, when you JUST got the bombs ten seconds ago? C'mon, people.
User avatar
17 May 2013 08:28

I'm not going to lie, I haven't played Super Metroid since it was on the Wii (and that was my first time with Super Metroid itself, since i missed it back in the SNES days for some reason) and couldn't remember if wall jumping had to be earned via ability or done on your own ;_;.

So I asked a rather stupid question legitly. Thankfully most of the people were nice to me :P.
User avatar
17 May 2013 09:34

Probably actually stuck. From my limited experience, 2D Metroid games = Hardness
User avatar
17 May 2013 11:39


User avatar
17 May 2013 11:55

Yeah, I am playing this game for the first time. I can confirm it is pretty hard for beginners. I've gotten stuck a few times. Didn't know you could shoot certain blocks, didn't know it would take 5 missiles to open doors, etc. Thank god for restore points though. Bosses are much easier with them. :P
No Avatar
17 May 2013 14:41

So I just started playing this myself and without reading any kind of manual (like I would have done back in the SNES days on the way home with my new game) I got a bit stumped by two things, despite having played Metroid Prime.

1. Even after getting the morph ball (and knowing what it did) I had no idea how to activate it.

2. I knew I probably needed to use missiles to open the red doors, but didn't realise that I'd need to use 5 of them; after all, these things can end up in short supply. I tried one shot and two shots and maybe three but then just assumed that I needed something else to open those doors.

TL;DR - I don't think it's trolling, just people not used to old school games; even some people (like me) who are old enough to know and remember better.
No Avatar
17 May 2013 14:58

Nabooru wrote:I must admit, given how people new to NiGHTS through the rerelease complained about the difficulty, this can be legit. Things have gotten easier since the 90s.

That is too good. Nights is not a hard game but it''s more of the classic "improve yourself" game design.
User avatar
17 May 2013 15:00

Freeload wrote:It's probably a bit of both.

Not probably, factually.
User avatar
19 May 2013 00:42

Somebody definately said their friend was trolling on purpose in the comments here. I think they edited it out after the post got famous.

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