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No Avatar
19 May 2013 14:02

Maybe I've been spoiled by Most Wanted too much but goodness... my eyes...
User avatar
19 May 2013 15:03

Talk about suspension of disbelief....a small moving vehicle can flip a parked truck? Laws of physics be damned..some things can't be unseen...
No Avatar
19 May 2013 15:35

This is that quality third-party support that makes Nintendo system owners so confident in third-party products.
User avatar
19 May 2013 16:32

I see they've stayed true to the movie's overpowering realism...
User avatar
19 May 2013 16:57

Lol, how the hell that flipped police car got past that building? :lol:
No Avatar
19 May 2013 17:38

So you're driving a moving spatula? How else would you explain every car being launched over you? LOL
User avatar
20 May 2013 06:08

I knew this was going to be bad, but no THIS bad.

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