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Dirt Wii U listing resurfaces on Amazon

Could it be that we'll finally see Dirt hit the Wii U, as it was claimed to be at one point? The title mysteriously vanished, but this reappearance of a retail listing gives me some hope. Thanks to Alan for the heads up!


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No Avatar
29 May 2013 00:21

I would buy this game in a heart beat, if it does looks anything like the PC version.
User avatar
29 May 2013 00:49

New game or a re-release? If it is just a re-release, do the 2nd one.
User avatar
29 May 2013 00:58

I hope is a collection or a new game, because for $60? Dirt and Dirt 2 are good, I did not liked Dirt 3, I hated all that Gymkhana stuff, and I never played the latest one...
User avatar
29 May 2013 02:50

LegendofSantiago wrote:...the 2007 title?

I guess they figured if Sega can do it with Yakuza, they can do it with Dirt.
User avatar
29 May 2013 02:55

dunno if I trust amazon listings...
No Avatar
29 May 2013 03:32

Talk about a late port! And at $60 bucks? LOL!
User avatar
29 May 2013 05:29

LegendofSantiago wrote:...the 2007 title?

So its true then.... :angel:
No Avatar
29 May 2013 09:31

That's great news! Dirt was my favorite racing franchise on the 360. Would definitely buy this for my Wii U.

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