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Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Playing the Stalk Market

Want to make a quick bell or two in Animal Crossing: New Leaf? Learning the ins and outs of the stalk market might be the way to go. Learn how to be a big-wig player in the stalk market game with the helpful tips below!

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No Avatar
07 Jun 2013 14:03

I suppose that's a simple guide on the Stalk Market, but I notice a few things could be added:
1) Don't buy turnips at a high original price on Sundays. My old rule of thumb was nothing over 100 bells per turnip.
2) Check with your friends' towns to see if Reese will buy those turnips at a better rate, or better yet, announce to your friends when the prices are better!
3) I guess Red Turnips aren't coming back this time around?
No Avatar
07 Jun 2013 16:39

If I remember correctly, sometimes the prices for turnips grow incredibly high just hours after you sell them all. I once sold my turnips for around 200 bells. Later that day, I would've gotten over 700 bells for one.
Rest assured, I was quite mad. But it happened to at least two more times, so I thought the developers just wanted to mock me a bit. :D
User avatar
07 Jun 2013 19:11

One thing I won't be doing is selling and buying in other towns. I made way too much money too fast in City Folk doing that and it definitely ruined things for me.
No Avatar
08 Jun 2013 04:38

Can you still place them on tables in your house to stop them from going off after a week? My house in WW had a whole room filled with 'turnip tables' just waiting for the right price to go cash them in!

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