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Konno discusses how Luigi got his infamous leg flutter jump

A portion of an MTV interview with Mr. Konno...

Multiplayer: What are your thoughts about the characters in this game influencing the way that Luigi jumps, the way that Peach jumps, and the way that Toad runs, both in the original "Super Mario Bros. 2," and in the new "3D World" so many years later?

Mr. Konno: Right, these guys were not originally Mario characters in the Japanese version. When we brought it over to the U.S., we changed this Aladdin type guy and his family to Mario, Peach, and Toad. Seeing the jump mechanics where Peach hovers reappear in "Mario 3D World" just makes me happy, standing off to the side, with a smirk on my face.

I've got a lot of interesting stories about the development of this game.

Multiplayer: I've got about 10 minutes left...

Mr. Konno: When we made this game, the mother figure, who later became Luigi, since this is a really old game, was made with cel animations. They made this mother figure to jump with gravity not influencing her as much as Mario [Imajin], so Luigi had a really slow jump.

When Mr. Miyamoto came through and evaluated it, he said it doesn't feel right, let's add something with his legs, maybe they can each shake like this (making a fast back and forth fluttering movement with his index and middle fingers), and adding in that one element, made it feel just right. Then, later on, that became the mechanic that he was known for.


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User avatar
18 Jun 2013 13:29

That's new and ingenious, actually! No wonder Miyamoto is the man he is now :)
User avatar
18 Jun 2013 14:02

That's cool...but what about that jump is "infamous"?
No Avatar
18 Jun 2013 14:27

It is the little details.
User avatar
18 Jun 2013 14:32

"I've got a lot of interesting stories about the development of this game."

"I've got about 10 minutes left..."

Wasted opportunity.
No Avatar
18 Jun 2013 14:47

I guess there IS a reason they call him "Mama Luigi" lol.
No Avatar
18 Jun 2013 18:25

that is super smart, that animation totally change the feel of the character. That Miyamoto really
User avatar
19 Jun 2013 01:23

Yeah, without that fluttering, it would really looks weird. Miyamoto is very good at coming up with small fixes like that!

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