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Urban Trial Freestyle - potential bug

Has anyone else experienced this issue?

I think I may have discovered a bug - if I'm at the main menu of Urban Trial and attempt to switch to a different game (in this case, Animal Crossing New Leaf digital version) it just goes to a black screen. Then I have to force the 3DS off and restart it.


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28 Jun 2013 03:58

just tried it, from urban trial to pullblox no black screen. I don't have any digital version of a retail game. I didn't update the firmware, bought the game yesterday no eshop prompt to update at the time. europe btw
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28 Jun 2013 06:52

OK, I don't have a retail game in a digital form, so I tested with other stuff. Here's what I tried:

-I never played the game and THEN returned to the main menu to test it. I was just starting the game and then launching something else, using the Home button when in the main menu of Urban Trial Freestyle.

-I tried switching to Aqua Moto Racing 3D, Ridge Racer(cartridge), Liberation Maiden, Letterbox and Settings. All of them successful.

-I, also, tried to launch from these softwares* to Urban Trial Freestyle and similarly, I faced no difficulties.

-European versions of all these softwares.

*except from Settings to Urban Trial Freestyle, since the 3DS does not allow you to use the Home Button when you are in the 3DS's settings.
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28 Jun 2013 21:28

No troubles here. I can test this exact situation in a sec.

EDIT: So I ran into the same problem, but what I didn't understand from this story; this issue happens within Animal Crossing. From the interesting DSiWare title Petit Computer, I know it's pretty standard practice to reset the memory before booting into another peice of software. Odd that neither Animal Crossing nor the 3DS OS handle whatever UTF leaves behind.
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29 Jun 2013 16:22

A Nintendolife user also had this problem with UTF and ACNL. it might be something that Tate needs to look into.

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