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Platinum says Danny DeVito, Joe Pesci one of the inspirations for Bayonetta's Enzo

Will Enzo return in Bayonetta 2? We don't know right now, but we do know where the inspiration for the character came from!

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User avatar
28 Jun 2013 16:22

So can we expect rum ham in bayonetta 2?

No Avatar
28 Jun 2013 16:37

Really? I would have never guessed. The guy only sounds exactly like Joe Pesci.
User avatar
28 Jun 2013 16:57

Danny DeVito never even came to mind for me in the original.
Do hope Enzo returns for the sequel.
User avatar
28 Jun 2013 20:08

My reaction? Well DUH. Looks like him, sounds like him, probably smells like him too.
User avatar
28 Jun 2013 22:03

I dunno if I would go so far as to say I would 'miss him' if he is not in sequel, but he was the most direct in-game link between the first Bayonetta and Devil May Cry. That counts for something.

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