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Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Nintendo's official Dream Suite town

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08 Jul 2013 14:06

So do I add them as a friend from my friend list or is there somewhere I add them in AC?
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08 Jul 2013 14:08

@ishmoo21 You go to the Dream Suite (If you have it, I'm not sure how you get it.) and type the code to visit a "dream" version of their town.
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08 Jul 2013 16:10


You get it as a development project.
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08 Jul 2013 16:18

Already visited their Japanese town, but will check out these too! Have to see if there's anything different...
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08 Jul 2013 16:21

I went to the dream suite around 3am and told Luna to pick where to send me and she chose Nintendo's town.
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08 Jul 2013 17:05

The Japanese town is much more impressive.

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