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Redbox to start offering Wii U titles

Looks like you have a new option for grabbing the latest Wii U games. Keep an eye on your local Redbox unit to see when Wii U rentals hit your area! Thanks to iiJcMii for the heads up!

A little more clarification, coming from Redbox (thanks Mike!)...

Here's the deal: in the coming weeks, we'll be carrying Wii U games in a small handful of cities (Austin, Sacramento, and Yakima, Washington) to see how customers like it and decide if we should carry the games in other towns.

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11 Jul 2013 13:54

Not trying to be mean but that spot has been on RedBox machines for 2 months now with nothing actually going into it. One day there will be! ONE DAY! Hopefully soon. With the release of Pikmin! (Not that I want to to rent that. I'm buying that awesome title)
No Avatar
11 Jul 2013 14:40

Please let them start loading those machines with Wii U games.

I hate to say it, but there are Nintendo published games I want to play, but not spend $60 to own. If Redbox doesn't go forward with this, then I will have to sign up for Gamefly at the end of the year.
User avatar
11 Jul 2013 14:41

LOL wow even Redbox is unsure about their support of Wii U software. Christ.
User avatar
12 Jul 2013 01:33

Dat Bakugan

Gate card set. Bakugan brawl!
User avatar
12 Jul 2013 09:32

We need to track down the one Wii U owner in Yakima and tell him / her to start renting games ASAP

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