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Luc Bernard says games that portray war as fun are more offensive than his Holocaust title

As we learned the other day, Luc Bernard's 'Imagination is the Only Escape' project is still alive. The game focuses in on the series topic of the Holocaust and was originally slated to release on DS. That never came to be, but the project still exists and Bernard has shown some interest in bringing it to Wii U.

Obviously, a few people will take issue with a video game focusing on the Holocaust, but Bernard says there are existing titles that should make people more upset.

"To be honest with you I find a title like the new Wolfenstein with robot Nazis to be more [offensive] than this title. If people accept games that portray the war as fun I think that's more of an issue."

Full interview here

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User avatar
05 Sep 2013 02:50

Finally a title that shows the true horrors of WW2
No Avatar
05 Sep 2013 02:52

cant really argue with that
User avatar
05 Sep 2013 03:16

I remember being SUPER upset that this didn't see the light of day. I hope that can change now. It seemed like a fascinating story to tackle in a videogame...
User avatar
05 Sep 2013 10:22

Wow, talk about a blast from the past. I remember when this game was in the New York Times. I always hoped it'd be releases someday.

And his point is very valid, really. Plus from what I understand, it's not like the game was going to be filled with graphic, violent horror.
No Avatar
05 Sep 2013 13:03

Freeload wrote:So this is more offensive: http://www.supertrenchattack.com/

If you get to the nitty gritty of it, that ^ would technically be FAR more offensive than the typical war game that rewards you for killing. It's basically coating it with a kid-friendly vibe. THAT is way more dangerous (even if to a subconscious level) than a game with a soldier holding a machine gun on the cover with explosions behind him, gore and destruction left in his wake, and a big ol' "M" for mature rating telling you the exact reasons why you should not buy the game for your kid.
User avatar
05 Sep 2013 13:15

This doesn't change the fact that his track record for releasing games is horrible and this won't ever be released no matter what he says.
User avatar
05 Sep 2013 13:48

Can't say I disagree with him. There are a lot more offensive titles out there then this. This title if done right, can be a much more mature game, not in violence or sexual themes but in subject matter and story, which could also help move the industry forward.
User avatar
05 Sep 2013 19:16

Yea I dont actually get this

Aside from advance wars ive never seen a game come even close to portraying war as fun...And his example of wolfenstein doesnt make any sense. Its not like its duke nukem in the 40s, and hell, even if it was, its not like its duke nukem in the 40s trying to pick up babes from prison camps.

In fact, from what all ive seen, the situation in the game seems VERY dire, and youre not having fun, youre trying to save the world.

I wonder what he has to say about movies like inglorious bastards...you know, the ones where killing nazis is actually portrayed as being fun.

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