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"Seeing your base change locations as you go about your hunting life adds more of a story element to the proceedings. There's a fair amount of new content, from the weapons to the exploration elements, and it feels great. In particular, I like how you can look up or down any way you like, without having viewpoints divided up by level. The StreetPass and online co-op expand the opportunities for play here a great deal, too." - Ebihara

"The game's action elements and strategy have been beefed up, thanks to battles letting you take advantage of the landscape, ride on foes, and so on. The controls and data you get are complex, but there are more new weapons and things to explore, making for a really deep game. A sense of done-it-all-before does run through the title, but as a communication tool it's a complete package that you can play for a long time." - Uchizawa


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