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EoD - Splatoon quiet

Splinter Cell: Blacklist - Wii U patch available, detailed


Fix timer and progress bar for Daily Challenges
Fix misc. issues with Gone Dark challenges
Fix misc. issues with guards shooting sticky camera and not engaging search behavior


Fix Nouri not following Sam in rare conditions in Private Estate mission


Fix animation glitch when sliding down a ladder and immediately throwing a grenade
Fix mission preview image not updating when cycling through different missions in the settings


Extraction: Fix Intel stuck on weapon when a client is dropping it twice in a row
Extraction: Fix potential exploit where an ammo box placed in front of the Intel drop crate would allow to skip the “securing the intel” animation
Fix not being able to invite more people to Private Match after playing a match in a mode where the maximum number of players is lower than the maximum number of players for the new mode
Fix Drone Hunter points not awarded when blowing up the drone with certain gadgets
Fix waypoint staying red when Pandora settings are ON and a hacker has been killed
Fix accessing an empty menu when trying to view the Customization Screen or match Settings right when the countdown reaches 0
Fix general host migration issues
Fix rare cases of Spies falling out of maps
Fix spawning with no weapon and unable to shoot when pushing the stick forward during the character selection screen until the match starts

Thanks to Dim for the heads up!


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11 Sep 2013 14:15

actually, it was kind of slow. if i recall correctly, every other console has had an update already and we are the last. biggest problem with this update, though, is it does NOTHING to fix the issues that are specific to the wii u. matchmaking issues with friends, freezing during online multiplayer, and specific level glitches in coop that make the levels unbeatable. these things need to be figured out! great game, but these issues sure can disrupt things...

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