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User avatar
01 Oct 2013 12:57

The cat goomba looks like its made of bread.
User avatar
01 Oct 2013 13:08

Can I get that Goomba-Cat as a plush? That would be great!
User avatar
01 Oct 2013 13:21

Looks like a female Ganondorf
User avatar
01 Oct 2013 13:31

Reminds me of Ganondorf, Twinrova and the tall Clown from Twilight Princess.
User avatar
01 Oct 2013 13:42

Ganondorf kefka love child?
User avatar
01 Oct 2013 14:06

Gonandarf is what I'll call it.
User avatar
01 Oct 2013 14:07

@ladida Also Mizuti [the bottom half] from Baten Kaitos, to me.

I guess the Ganondorf is this 'Dark World' may be a Wisdom Inverted Triforce bearer?
User avatar
01 Oct 2013 15:10

I SO hoping that the purple rabbit guy is actually the Happy Mask Salesmen (or if he isn't immortal, his descendant)
User avatar
01 Oct 2013 15:14

female ganondorf? doesn't that contradict the old gerudo legend where a male is born every 100 years and he becomes the king?
User avatar
01 Oct 2013 15:21

Is that a Ganonshe?... Either way it looks hideous.
User avatar
01 Oct 2013 16:15

My first thought was Young Ganondorf.
User avatar
01 Oct 2013 17:50

That cat-goomba is adorable :D
No Avatar
01 Oct 2013 18:27

That Ganondorf looks like a Gerudo Valley guard from Ocarina of time.
User avatar
02 Oct 2013 02:59

Goombacat needs to be official, and a plush toy.
User avatar
02 Oct 2013 12:30

Ganondorf's Daughter, I'm calling it.

Also, the symbol on her dress remind me of a simpler Hyrule crest with an inverted triforce, with a bit of Sheikah design...
I think Ganondorf started a new kingdom in the remains of the Dark Realm or something...
Damn, I really have to play ALttP... Don't know how it ends, so I can't predict anything...

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