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Yoshi's Cookie yanked from U.S. Wii Virtual Console as well?

UPDATE - Confirmed, being removed next Friday.

Can anyone out there confirm this? I'm unable to hop on on the Wii Shop right now.

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10 Oct 2013 13:43

It's going away in all other regions so I'm sure it's true. And I'm sure this will be back on Wii u someday as well
No Avatar
10 Oct 2013 15:54

It could be a smart experiment...if they see a big surge in downloads with this kind of "yankings" it could be a good strategy to get the last scraps of money from the GINORMOUS Wii virtual console backlog.
User avatar
10 Oct 2013 16:03

If I'm reading that right, are they saying we'll no longer be able to redownload the game from our purchases list after it's removed?

That would be a very disappointing first for Nintendo and everyone else's digital gaming store.
No Avatar
10 Oct 2013 16:07


That's how it sounds. That's disgusting!

I know not all services can be kept alive and (I don't think this is what's happening but god forbid if it is) the Wii Shop Channel will be discontinued entirely at some stage but to have that mean that games you've bought will be totally unobtainable unless you've downloaded them all is a really sad thought.

It'll be a sad day when games go entirely digital only...
User avatar
11 Oct 2013 01:38

Well I'm glad for the warning, at least. The Magic Obelisk just up and disappeared without a trace, and I hate myself that I never bought it.

Guess I gotta go download this.

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