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Just Dance 2014 UK TV commercial causing an uproar over misheard lyrics

Here's one of the UK commercials for Just Dance 2014. Have a listen and see if you hear anything offensive.

Did you hear anything to upset you? The problem comes up at the 10 second mark, where Nicky Minaj utters the line, “My name is Onika, you can call me Nicki”. Unfortunately, some people believe Ms. Minaj is saying 'N*****' instead of 'Onika'.

This line is causing complaints to be fired at both Nintendo and Ubisoft, with people reaching out via Twitter to discuss the topic. Neither side has commented on the matter.

From my understanding, Nicki never says 'N*****' in either the clean or dirty version of the song. People are just mishearing it as that. I've done some research, and you can hear the uncensored version of the song here and the clean version here. I've also read lyric sheets that all say 'Onika' at the same spot.


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User avatar
13 Oct 2013 15:21

It's easy to mishear it, but showing the actual lyrics make it clear. :lol:
User avatar
13 Oct 2013 15:26

Seriously.. it takes a minute long google search to figure out what she's saying.. This is why i have a strong distaste for my species. People are lazy except when it comes to being ignorant. If they would spend half the energy they waste on complaining they could've done the research and avoided being upset to begin with.. oi..
User avatar
13 Oct 2013 15:35

People have too much time on their hands...
User avatar
13 Oct 2013 15:38

Sadly this is the case for Starships on American pop radio. Anytime the song comes on any of my local pop stations they always censor Nicki saying Onika. Honestly I wonder if she's rather insulted that people are confusing HER REAL NAME with the n-word.
User avatar
13 Oct 2013 15:44

Eh, it kinda does sound like it, but really, it only takes 20 seconds to look it up to find out what she's saying.

But hey, at least people are focusing all their energy on the REAL problems of the world, like this.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_mrNQBLSMU In case anyone can't tell.

Nintendo can't seem to catch a break.
User avatar
13 Oct 2013 16:30

Yeah but they should have used a different set of lyrics or different song. I mean why even take a chance?
User avatar
13 Oct 2013 16:43

Man, what's the problem with English speakers with the word "MODS BAN ME PLEASE"?

I always see journalists saying "blablabla the N word".

They look like stupid 6 year old kids who can't swear because their mothers don't let them do it. So they're always like: "oh yeah? You won't let me play with your 3DS? Well, F you, I don't need this, anyways, I have my NERF so I can shoot birds and eat them! So F you and you stupid 3DS".

C'mon, grow up, people.
User avatar
13 Oct 2013 16:54

@andrelol3 You realize the N word is one of the most offensive words you can call somebody?
User avatar
13 Oct 2013 17:12

I didnt get it until I read what you said RMC, hell, I didnt even realize it was english until listening to it closer.

I wonder how these people would react to "naega" and "nega" when listening to kpop.

Mochlum wrote:@andrelol3 You realize the N word is one of the most offensive words you can call somebody?

I dont think that refutes his point.
He may have a crude way of explaining it, but hes right. You cant let a word alone bother you. In a thousand years, If humanity were to look back on us and how we treat our language, they might accuse us of being scared that some words held dark powers, and if spoken would cast magic spells.
We have a horrible paranoia about our language, and the more we cling desperately to the pain, the harder its going to be to move on to a better place.
User avatar
13 Oct 2013 18:01

If you have a toy pikachu that speaks and press it fast enough, it says **** you. Why aren't parents banning pokemon. This was really dumb of people to go nuts on.
No Avatar
13 Oct 2013 18:10

UK trash papers trying to make up headlines once again. Nothing to see (or hear) here.
User avatar
13 Oct 2013 20:01

LOL! Misheard lyrics are the best. I remember when everybody thought Jimi Hendrix was saying "Excuse me while I kiss this guy" instead of what he actually said "sky" in the song "Purple Haze".

But of course it's 2013 so you can count on people to make something out of nothing. Bang the drums and alert the press cause we're being offended by something that doesn't actually exist and is instead only perceived.
User avatar
13 Oct 2013 21:47

Mochlum wrote:@andrelol3 You realize the N word is one of the most offensive words you can call somebody?

Watch this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dF1NUposXVQ

Saying "N word" is no better than saying MODS BAN ME PLEASE or MODS BAN ME PLEASE.

It is a big deal because you make it a big deal. In Brazil we used to have offensive words for black people too. "Preto" or "nego" was the equivalent of "MODS BAN ME PLEASE" here... But this was decades ago.

Now nobody cares. If say "preto" in a mean way, yeah, people will think you're racist. But if you say the same word normally, then there's not problem. "Nego" is even more okay, since it's more a synonym for "person" (of any race).

But, ok, if in your society a word is offensive, then you don't need to use it. However, do not freak out when someone does it, because you will be just helping the word to keep the status of being offensive, which a reminder that you live a segregative society, where people are still not considered the same.

So, do not freak out about something stupid like this.
No Avatar
14 Oct 2013 07:29

She might not be saying it, but that is what she wants people to hear.

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