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EoD - Splatoon quiet

Imageepoch bringing God of the City to 3DS

- remake of Alicesoft's hentai JRPG Toushin Toshin II
- due out Jan 30th 2014
- 6279 yen
- Alicesoft is supervising


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No Avatar
23 Oct 2013 03:35

First thing I saw... boobs...
User avatar
23 Oct 2013 04:10

Guys... It's beginning... PSP/Vita is losing its monopoly on pervert games... o_o Didn't think it could be possible.
User avatar
23 Oct 2013 06:44

Sure the game has a nice plot :lol:
No Avatar
23 Oct 2013 11:27

theimporter wrote:Sure the game has a nice plot :lol:

For reference:
User avatar
27 Oct 2013 00:55

jesus christ i cannot breathe

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